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4 Unexpected Lessons My Dog Taught Me About Life

Unexpected Lessons Your New Dog Might Teach You Written by Michelle Ouyang


Growing up, my dream was always to own a puppy, watch them flourish, and watch them grow into a happy little furball! My parents though - not so fond of that dream! They thought a new pet would bring tremendous responsibility, and sacrifice into our home. To them, a dog symbolized an extra unwanted burden, one that would make life all the more difficult, with minimal rewards. However, as the Pandemic hit and lockdown became the new norm, they began warming up to the idea of bringing in a new addition to the family! After 20 years - my dream became a reality.

I spent days on end, consuming every bit of knowledge possible that would make me the best dog mom. While I was trying o learn as much as I could before the puppy came, I was surprised to see how much learning came after the fact! Here are 4 things being a new Dog Mom taught me...

1. Commitment and Consistency

Being a new pet owner, the biggest tip in training that I’ve heard is to truly commit to making your puppy the best that it can be and stay consistent with your training efforts. This tip made me realize that any form of result in life requires strong commitment and consistency. 2. Unconditional Love From the unwavering loyalty and unconditional love that a dog displays, the saying of “dogs are a man’s best friend” really comes to life. My puppy always greets me every morning with tail wags, cuddles, and just pure excitement! Even when we’re upset or stern towards them, they are quick to forgive, and will always be ready to give you big, wet kisses! This acts as an encouragement to everyone if we all led with kindness, the world would be a better place.

From the unwavering loyalty and unconditional love that a dog displays, the saying of “dogs are a man’s best friend” really comes to life.

3. Find Happiness in the Little Things It is safe to say that dogs can turn any situation into a fun one! My pet was able to find happiness in the little things, which was a great reminder for me to find joyful moments anywhere I went.

4. Hard Work Pays Off

Owning a puppy is hard work! We often think of the cuteness, cuddles, and smiles that a new dog may bring, but fail to understand the sacrifices that arise. Many have called this the puppy blues, and it felt very real during the first 3 months. From the 3 AM potty breaks to the endless puppy teething - all of it was worth it in the end! Knowing that the investments in the early years will lead to forever memories with your puppy as they grow into a mature pet is a very comforting idea. Life often throws us curve balls and brings hardships before we may see the light. Knowing that things get better, and that hard work pays off can be very encouraging for all of us! Owning a dog, or any pet is sure to teach you loads about yourself, and how to look at life through a new lens.

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