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3 Items A Pet Lover Must Have

These days, a house is not truly a home without a few adorable furry friends! Studies show, that approximately half of all households in North America have pets. And with millennials making great strides towards affordable adoption/rescue, who doesn’t want a pet? A large portion of Millennials consider their pets as a part of their family, and even prefer pets over having children. Many find happiness from spoiling their fur-babies instead of themselves! In the past decade, we have seen the impressive rise of pets on social media as well! With just one click, you can create an Instagram account for your adorable furry friend, and have the world join you in your pet journey!

However, having a pet is a huge responsibility, and is not all fun and games. Pets are not just accessories to spice up your pictures on social media. They must be fed, bathed, and taken care of in the same way one would with a human baby. Pets have yearly vaccinations and supplements, so taking care of them must be taken seriously. Most importantly, our pets also reciprocate our love — they love cuddling with us and being near us when we’re home. In fact, having a pet is much like having your own child.

If you’re a student, a busy homeowner, or swamped with job duties, it is understandable why you may be hesitant to adopt a furry friend. However, there are several smart pet products available in the market to make your life living with your fur-baby comfortable and safe, even when you need to be away. These are just a few of the must-haves for your pets!


Feeding, is without a doubt, one of the biggest responsibilities that comes with being a pet owner. The INSTACHEW Feeder is perfect for the busy pet owner. It has an app that allows you to set a food dispensing schedule, which can be customized by time and portion sizes. Ensure your pets get fresh food all the time, even when you are not around, because would you like to miss a meal? Eliminate the problem of having to rush home to feed your pet. Your INSTACHEW Feeder is a pet sitter, you control!

The INSTACHEW Feeder also has built-in dual audi-video communication so you can monitor your fur-baby, from wherever and whenever. As long as you have cellular data or wifi, get a glimpse of what your pets are up to and whether they are eating or not.

PETKIT Water Fountain

Feeding goes hand in hand with making sure your pet is properly hydrated 24/7. Having readily available fresh, filtered water is an essential part of making sure your pet is hydrated, especially when you’re not around! Who doesn’t love fresh filtered water?! Let your furry loved one enjoy all the benefits and taste that comes with drinking filtered water. Our Eversweet Smart Water fountain not only has an ultra-silent pump, but a TRIPLE purifying system. Our circularly shaped filter contains three materials which each have a different function in the filtering process, making sure not dirt, debris, and harmful substances ever get through!

PETKIT Odor Eliminator

One of the most common complaints a pet owner has is that icky, yucky pet smell! Whether its that wet dog smell, or the smell from an unkempt litter box, no pet owner likes weird odors lingering in their home! The Pura Air Odor Eliminator removes any odors, so you and your pet can enjoy fresh, filtered air 24/7. The Pura Air Odor Eliminator has the ability to freshen the air intermittently, and freshen air when motion is detected through infrared technology. It contains non-toxic plant extracts that are used to natural freshen the air, and has replaceable cartridges.

Being a pet owner may seem like a big responsibility, however, with the innovative and easy to use INSTACHEW products, you can ensure you and your pet live a comfortable, safe, and healthy lifestyle.

Check out other smart pet products at INSTACHEW.

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