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4 Reasons Why A Harness is Better than a Collar

Pet owners can relate to the fact that having a new puppy or adopting an older dog is not all fun and games. Aside from the cuddles and the play time, there’s a need for training to discipline them and to keep them fit.

Now, when it comes to the word “discipline”, one of the things that you may be thinking of is a collar. Of course, it’s what keeps them under your control especially when you’re outside with them. Naturally, you don’t want them running around on their own out in the open.

For a lot of owners, the collar is easily the first option when it comes to training and walks. However, there’s been a lot of debate about the use of a collar among many pet owners. If your dog is well-behaved and doesn’t pull at his collar, then sure, it’s not such a bad choice after all. But for those with new puppies or recently adopted dogs who are quite full of energy and haven’t gone through behavior training yet, a collar may not be the best option. For one, they may try to wiggle their way out or pull at their collars, which in turn causes them discomfort such as choking or worse, a neck injury.

Thankfully, there is another option for concerned pet owners and that is the harness. Here are some of its advantages:

1) Best for Puppy Training

If your puppy hasn’t learned how to walk on a leash yet, a harness is the best option as it will keep them from tangling themselves with the leash. This not only saves them from hurting themselves but you as well. You don’t want to trip over the leash and possibly hurt your puppy, right?

2) Better Control

The harness, unlike the collar which is limited to the neck, holds your dog’s entire chest. This allows for better control especially in crowded places. It also reduces the strain on their neck and back.

3) Gets them up Easily

Now you have may have seen stubborn dogs who don’t want to get up or go home from the walk yet. A lot of owners tend to pull on the leash to get them to move. If they have a collar on, pulling on the leash may strain their necks. But with a collar, it’s easier to move and lift them up and get them to stand.

4) Improves Canine Health

Studies by veterinarians have shown that 91% of dogs with neck injuries were caused by the owners jerking on the leash too hard. Some of the injuries include whiplash, bruising, crushed windpipe, larynx damage, and even vertebrae fracture (Andres Hallgren). Using a harness has not been found to cause neck pressure which causes increase in base-line eye pressure, which has been found in collar uses (Pauli et al).

In conclusion, a harness is a better option if you are still handling a puppy or a dog that hasn’t been fully trained yet. This will keep them safer as they are less likely to hurt themselves, especially if they are still very active and hyper.

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