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4 Reasons Why Life is Better with Dogs

If you are looking for a sign, then this is it. You should get a dog! Getting a pet is a huge responsibility mind you. It can be compared to raising your own children. That is why it's understandable why you've been hesitant to get one. There's no need to rush. But, if you've watched movies such as Hachikō or Lassie, you know you're missing out on something.

We all know that dogs are man's best friend. It is an undisputed fact that these furry creatures have made their mark on their owner's lives, and not to mention that they get to have jobs. Have you ever stopped yourself from fussing over police dogs? Because we definitely have. The list goes on as to the many benefits of having a dog. But you can just settle with the following in the meantime:

They Are Loyal Companions.

Domesticated dogs date back to over 30,000 years ago. They are considered to have evolved from wolves. Wolves are known for living in packs and having strong bonds between their pack members. This pack behavior is the reason why dogs are so loyal. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, when dogs form a bond with their owners, they see them as fellow members of their pack, which makes them fiercely devoted and protective.

They Can Help Boost Mental Health.

Aside from being police dogs, these canine furballs can also be therapy dogs. Dogs can help provide comfort and unconditional love for those who suffer from mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. It is stated that just spending 15 to 30 minutes with them can help reduce stress and trigger your happy hormones.

They Can Help You Stay Active.

If you've been spending too much time being lazy and you can't even be bothered to go to the gym, walking and playing with your dogs is enough of an exercise. You won't even notice that they are helping you stay fit. Dogs are a bundle of energy, so you need to keep up with them. Try playing with them with dog toys, and it will definitely be a fun workout for both of you.

They'll Teach You Responsibility.

Having someone depend on you is a responsibility that you must bear if you plan to get a dog or any pet for that matter. There's no space for neglect or hesitancy. For dogs, they only have pure devotion and unconditional love towards their owners that sometimes, we often think that we don't deserve them. By getting yourself a dog, they will teach you what it means to be reliable. It can be quite daunting, but it will all be worth it in the end. There will never be a dull moment with dogs in your life. Be prepared for all the fun and heartwarming moments you'll have with these lovable pets. Are you convinced now? Visit Instachew for pet products online. Browse our various items for all the things you'll need as you begin your journey towards being a dog owner.

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