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6 Indoor Activities for You and Your Pet During Home Quarantine

As the world continues to wait for a solution to the pandemic, many of us continue to stay at home. But with more time at home, we get more time with our pets. You may have been lessening the visits to the dog parks or the walks around the neighborhood to avoid socializing. And this may have given less time for running around the park and other physical activities for your furry friend. Thankfully, there are a lot of indoor activities that you can try to keep you and your pet entertained and active while at home.

1. Basic Commands Training

Is your pet still peeing on the rug you told him not to? Or do they still not follow when you tell them “no” or “sit”? If you both haven’t mastered basic commands due to your business, now is the perfect time to work on them! But remember, patience and consistency are musts so your fur-baby eventually understands your commands. Make sure to also prepare treats as rewards to condition them whenever they follow an order.

2. Treat-ure Hunt

Ever played a game of treasure hunt when you were still a kid? It’s time to try that out on your pet this time! This is also another game your dog will surely enjoy since it involves a lot of sniffing around and eating treats -- which are two things dogs absolutely live for. To do this, gather up your baby’s treats and scatter them all around the house. Hide them inside their toys, your shoes, boxes, wherever you can think of! Just make sure that they’re hidden in safe places and are from dangerous items.

3. Tug-of-War

Does your pet like keeping their stuffed toy from you when you try to take them away? You might be concerned about ruining their toy. But a game of tug-of-war may be what they need. Look for a toy that seems more durable and less likely to break. Make sure to also practice training your dog a release command so they know to let go of the time when needed. Also, remember to clear the space where you and your pet will be playing to avoid breaking things around the house.

4. Indoor Fetch

A lot of people think that fetch is only a game for the outdoors. Most pet owners also try to avoid playing fetch inside due to the dangers of breaking stuff around the house. But on the contrary, it’s a game you and your furry friend can surely enjoy inside! Just make sure to clear the space and keep all valuables and breakables to avoid accidents.

5. Practice Basic Grooming

Is your favorite groomer closed during the crisis but your baby needs a little trimming? It’s time to practice your basic grooming skills! There are loads of videos online that can teach you how to trim their hair or their nails. However, if you’re unsure and want to be on the safe side, just make sure not to overdo it or else you’ll end up cutting too much fur or hurting them in the process. If you also have your groomers’ number, you can call them and ask them for tips on what you can do (that is, if they don’t offer home services).

6. New Toys Online

Pets are a lot like kids because they enjoy having many toys which they can choose from depending on their mood. If you can’t go out to the stores yet to get new ones, you can always get dog toys online.

All in all, there’s plenty of opportunities for you and your furry friend to enjoy the time at home. In fact, we’re pretty sure they’re already enjoying the fact that you’re home a lot. What’s even more exciting for them is that you’re giving them more freedom at home with playtime. And just a reminder too that at the end of the day, a good snuggle with them while on the couch or on the bed can complete their day, so go ahead and take the time to be closer with your pets!

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