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How to Make Cats Drink More Water

As a cat owner, you might have noticed that your feline friend hasn’t been drinking enough water. This is a common cause of concern for various pet owners since cats have a tendency not to drink as much. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this, and that is, since ancient times cats have been known to be predators in the desert who get their water from their prey. So, it has been in their instincts to prefer getting their water through hunting.

There is nothing wrong with it, but with house cats these days, it can be stressful for the owner since it is also very hard to distinguish signs of health problems in cats. It makes it difficult to know whether your cat is dehydrated or not.

If you want to know whether your cat is dehydrated or not here are some indications of dehydration:

  • If your cat doesn’t eat for more than 24 hours, it might be a sign of dehydration, and you need to get your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

  • Your cat having dry gums means that he/she needs to drink more water since a cat’s gums need to be moist and sticky.

  • Panting is also a symptom, which means that whenever you see your pet with its tongue sticking out, you need to encourage them to drink.

  • By cleaning your cat’s litter box, you’ll also be able to check changes in their urination. So, if they don’t pee regularly, it is already a sure sign that there’s a problem.

How should you encourage your cats to drink?

  1. You need to replace your dry cat food with a wet one. We already know how much they prefer to get their water from their prey. So, your cats will likely want to get hydrated through their food.

  2. Place multiple bowls in different areas in your house. Since your cat wanders a lot and they just do whatever they want, they will likely drink more water whenever they come across such bowls.

  3. You can try flavored water to spice things up. Your cat might feel the need to drink more water if it contained certain tastes, such as tuna.

  4. Cat fountains are also rising in popularity. Cats are such curious creatures that a water fountain will pique their interest. They will find it attractive and also the sound of moving water makes it an interesting experience for them. It is said that cats associate still water with contamination, so that’s why they prefer running water.

Get Smart Water Fountain at Instachew

You can encourage your feline friends to drink more with Instachew’s innovative smart product. It makes it easier, not just your cat, but for you as well. Our smart fountain contains light sensors which help in determining whether it should turn on or off. It takes note of the time period and whenever your cat is active. Thus, making it energy efficient. It’s filtration unit also makes sure that your cat will only have the freshest water without you worrying about any bacteria build-up.

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