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How To #StayAtHome With Your Dog While Keeping Your Home Clean

While a dog-loving household is a beautiful sight to see, some homeowners feel that keeping a dog inside the house can cause more trouble than fun. It's common knowledge that dogs love to play with their owners since it makes them feel good and loved. They are obsessed with your attention.

However, going overboard with their actions is also a common thing for dogs. If you love to spend time on social media, then you probably have come across a dog video throwing mess inside the house. Although it may seem funny to most pet owners, some people wouldn't prefer to face that kind of trouble, especially if it's happening on a regular basis. That is exactly the reason why some owners give their dogs their own dog house and don't allow them to stay inside the household.

Furthermore, if you're planning to change the norm and give your fur baby a chance to be with you inside the house now that #StayAtHome has been strictly advised because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can do so with these helpful tips! Read on and find out how you can keep your home clean while letting your dog stay indoors.

1. Keep Your Dog Clean

Unlike cats who regularly groom themselves using their sandpaper-like tongue, dogs don't have the ability to clean themselves in the same way. That's why keeping your dog clean is essential if you want your house and furniture to remain tidy at all times. Regular baths often do the trick, and doing it in a consistent and predictable manner is something that your dog would appreciate. Moreover, bear in mind that grooming your dog won't immediately free your house from dirt, so you still need to do the chores in order to ensure that every area of your house is neat and clean. You also need to make sure that your pet materials such as dog bowls, pet drinking fountains, dog pee pad trays, and the likes are well-cleaned and disinfected.

2. Utilize an Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

The magic that automatic vacuum cleaners can do to your house is unimaginable. Removing dirt, dog hair, and other debris that came from your pet's paws or fur becomes a breeze with the use of a vacuum cleaner. It won't also be inconvenient on your end since you can run it automatically while doing other household tasks such as washing dirty dog bowls, getting rid of dog waste bags, etc. Utilizing an automatic vacuum cleaner is perhaps the most effective way to maintain cleanliness in your home and avoid the need to clean your house on a daily basis.

3. Freshen Up The Air Inside Your Home

Keeping your dog indoors can potentially produce bad odour in your home. This is why it is necessary to let some fresh air every once in a while. Bad smell can affect the energy inside the house, and it can even lead to allergic reactions if any of your family members have a hypersensitive sense of smell. Some of the primary causes of bad odour are your dog's things. Stuff like dog pee pad trays, dog toys, pet beds, and even uncleaned dog bowls can produce unwanted odour. Even when these materials are already cleaned, the smell may not immediately wear off by itself. That's why it's helpful to use some scented air freshener to fight the bad odour away.

Staying at Home with your Dog

During these tough times, our pets can help fight our stress away. So letting them stay inside the house is more of a win-win decision, especially if you know what approach to take when it comes to keeping your house clean while they're around. It's not a difficult thing to do if you really want to spend more time with your fur baby. With the right approach, you will be able to share your home with your furry family member and become each other's joy and comfort amidst the ongoing crisis. At Instachew, we are one with the world against fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

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