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Pet Essentials: Chew Toys

You may have already noticed it before: your pets love to chew on about anything that they can. They chew on your shoes. They chew on furniture. They even chew on your fingers when given a chance. Your cat or dog will munch on just about anything that their furry little paws can get on to.

Destructive chewing is just one of the many grievances of pet owners, and this is where chew toys come in handy. Giving your dog or cat a chew toy provides a lot of benefits that would foster a safe and healthy chewing habit for them.

Check out below some of the reason why chew toys are great for your fur babies.

1. Chew Toys Fight Boredom

It’s not only you who get bored. Your pets do, too. Unlike you, however, your pets can’t pass the time away on YouTube or Netflix. Imagine being stuck inside the house all day long. It's simply no fun. Without anything else to do, cats and dogs will tend to get into all kinds of trouble. They may tear into the trash, make friends with your goldfish, knock over potted plants, or annoy your neighbors with their constant barking. Giving them chew toys will provide them with something to occupy their time. Get the best chew toy now and see for yourself!

2. Chew Toys Promote Healthy Teeth and Gums

Having a chew toy also promotes healthy oral hygiene for your pets. The act of pets chewing on a toy is similar to humans brushing our teeth. Chewing helps scrape away any harmful plaque that may lead to gum disease, and it can also give your pets fresher breath.

3. Chew Toys Relieve Toothache

While we are on the topic of teeth, there’s nothing more uncomfortable and painful for kitten and puppies than teething pain. It causes whimpering, whining, and crying in your pets. Chew toys can help provide some level of relief from the pain when they are experiencing these oral problems.

BONUS: Chew Toys Save Furniture!

While this is no longer something that benefits your pets, I know that this is something that every pet owner has experience of. So, let’s discuss this, shall we?

Without a chew toy, you may come home to your pet sprawled out across something that used to be your antique rug. It’s not a pretty sight to see. You can dog-proof your home to prevent this from happening. You can keep them away from things that they may consider a toy and could be ingested such as rubber bands, socks, and children’s toys. But don’t wait until they have fun with your chairs, sofas, and cushions before you do some action.

Get a chew toy now!

The best pet chew toys are the ones that last a long time. You have to make sure that they are non-toxic. These chew toys are built tough to keep your dogs and cats chomping away to their heart's desire. Here are a few tips that you can follow when selecting the right toy:

●Read product labels to determine if they made it from safe material.

●Check if the toy is sturdy enough for your dog's chewing strength.

●Never get toys with small parts that may break off and get ingested.

So, what are you waiting for? Run out and pick up some of the best pet products online that we have here at Instachew. We have the perfect equipment for your pet's chewing needs. Our PETKIT Fun Tree Toys is just what you (and your pets) are looking for. Get yours now!

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