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Things You Can Do To Secure Your Cat's Safety

Ah, yes. Cats — some of us may find these furry creatures so irresistible, a bundle of joy and fur especially when you see them running to you when you get home. Indeed, owning a cat gives you the idea of why cats can bring joy even though they are obnoxious sometimes.

What is with these cats that they can capture our hearts that easily?

Cats are natural receivers of affection. Notice that when we approach a cat, you may find yourself wanting to pet them. Then, later on, you'll find yourself stroking their soft and warm furs. This is because they kindle our tactile presence. This makes them the best kind of companion during the times when we need affection.

However, having feline friends does not mean that they only cater to touch and affection. In fact, there are a few things that you must know about your cats and how to handle them in times of their unaffectionate moments.

Affections are never forced.

  • Cats tend to be moody at times. That is why veterinarians always advise pet owners that they should never be forced to be touchy or cuddly with their cats sometimes. Though they tend to enjoy human attention, they like it less than dogs.

Plants can cause harm.

  • This applies to cat owners who love having plants all over their yards or even inside their house. Sometimes cats do love playing around with everything that surrounds them, and it will be possible for them to play with your plants too. As a pet owner, you should know that there are plants that can cause harm to your pets. One good example of this is Lilies. To know more about what plants are safe for your cats, you can check out ASPCA's site.

Outdoors is a new place for your cats.

  • Indoor cats might find outdoors frightening. They might feel curiosity and confusion as they wander around. It also does not mean that just because our cat knows where we live, they'd never wander off. That is not a case for most indoor cats.

Don't teach them "Hand Plays."

  • Yes, goofing around with our cats can lessen our stress, but as a pet owner, we must be mindful of our actions towards them. We might not know that the way we play with them can be potentially dangerous for both cats and humans.

Yarns are not friendly for your cats.

  • Do you know that cats are not advisable to play around with yarns? Strings can cause them a linear foreign body - a non-food object that is found within the digestive part of the body of our dogs and cats. Instead, there are lots of smart and safe pet products that you can give to your feline friend when it comes to playing.

Free-feeding is not advisable for your cats.

  • As a pet owner, we treat these adorable furry creatures as our own, and we love seeing them healthy. However, letting your cats free-feed themselves and giving them the freedom of grazing on food whenever they want to, could lead them to obesity. Give them the appropriate quantity of both hard and wet food as what the veterinary recommends.

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