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The Advantages of Dog Pee Pad Trays

Hey, it seems you’ve got a new puppy. Congratulations! You’re in for a great ride! Puppyhood is one of the most fun stages of your fur baby’s life. Prepare for endless licking and laughing. However fun it may be, always remember that, as the puppy’s responsible person, you have to do a lot of puppy training as well.

Start with potty training. It will take a lot of time. Every hour or two, your pup will have to go outside to do their business. There will be accidents to clean up after along the way, so be sure to extend your patience.

Luckily, for potty training, you can use a tool that will help make a huge difference – a pee pad tray (or more commonly known as potty training pad). Below, we have listed some of the advantages of using a pee pad tray when potty training your pup.

  1. It makes things easier: When you see signs of trouble, you take your pup and run them outside. Otherwise, you face unnecessary clean-ups. That can be stressful. But, when training your puppy to use a pee pad tray, you won’t need to panic and sprint towards the door. Pee pad trays equipped with pheromone attracts your pups to use them, which means that you no longer have to take them outside and let them handle their business.

  2. It frees up your time: Place pee pad trays in areas where your pup can easily access them. So, whenever you're not at home, your pee pad gives you peace of mind that your puppy will not hold it in or do it at some other place that they shouldn't.

  3. It helps protect your home: As mentioned in the previous item, your pup will have a pee pad tray for them to do their business. So, you no longer have to worry about your dog peeing on your carpet and other furniture.

  4. It is easy to clean up: Pee pad trays are quick and easy to clean. After your pup does its business, you can have it cleaned in a matter of minutes—no need to scrub and deodorize. Throw away the pad, and you're done.

  5. It keeps your pup healthy and safe: You should be careful of bacteria that your puppies may be exposed to, especially during the early stages of their puppyhood when they are still young enough for vaccines. With a pee pad tray to do their business in your home, you no longer have to take them outside and risk them contracting viruses and other bacteria.

Pee pad trays are not only for pups, though. You can also make use of pee pad trays for your dogs if you live in areas of the country with freezing weather or if you live in high-rise apartments. You can also use these pee pad trays for dogs that are sick, disabled, or of old age. Pee pad trays are also useful for dogs with owners that work long hours.

On a final note, as a pet owner, you should remember that the pee pad tray is not the end of your job. It is only a step into the potty training journey. Ultimately, you will have to wean your pup away from the pee pad. You can’t keep your dogs inside 24/7, anyway, because they also have to exercise and take daily walks.

Now that you know the benefits of using dog pee pad trays, you can now get one of ours here at Instachew. Our PETKIT Pura Dog Training Tray is the perfect training tray for your fur babies. It is an excellent way to potty-train your pups whenever you are not home. Get one today!

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