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Purechew Smart Pet Feeder

The Purechew Smart Pet Feeder offers you full control of your pets feeding, enhanced with an HD Camera and two way audio.

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The Purechew Smart Pet Feeder offers you the optimal feeding experience for you and your pet. Control everything from your Instachew app to create feeding schedules, interact with your pet through your HD camera and two way audio speaker. Anti-jam technology keeps you worrying less about food and more time playing with your pet.


Food Capacity: 4L
Feeding Amount: Each meal up to 10 portions
Single Serving: 10g/min
Speaker: 8Ω 0.5W
Microphone: -36 2DBV/Pa
Power Adapter: Input AC110V-220V Output DC5V 1A
Food 2-10mm Dry Food


Purechew Smart Pet Feeder

Product Features

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App Enabled

Control everything from your Instachew App.

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Remote Feeding

Use your app to feed your pet at anytime, anywhere.

Purechew Smart pet feeder-9-03.png

HD Camera

HD camera provides you a clear image of your pet.

Purechew Smart pet feeder-9-04.png

Anti-Jam Technology

Worry less about jammed food and more about your happy pet.

Purechew Smart pet feeder-9-05.png

Two Way Audio

Hear your pet and let them hear you, never miss a moment to say hello.

Purechew Smart pet feeder-9-06.png

Infrared Sensors

Motion detection will sense when your pet is in front of the camera

Purechew Smart pet feeder-9-07.png

Health Monitoring

Keep your pet fed on scheduled feeding to keep them in the best shape

Kibble Supported

Supports dry kibble.

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Product Features

What's In The Box

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Power Adapter

USB Cable

Feeder Bowl

Feeder Body

Setup Instructions

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How to disassemble

Setup Instructions
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